Other courses teach people about cultural differences. But this course teaches people how to adapt and adjust their behavior in a new culture in light of these differences.


Meet our growing international community of certified Global Dexterity trainers. They are a select group of trainers, coaches, consultants and global professionals who have successfully completed the Train the Trainer certificate course and use their expertise to serve clients around the world.

Dr. Nikola Perović International management consultant and coach Read More

Dr. Nikola Perović

International management consultant and coach

Dr. Nikola Perovic is international management consultant and coach, specialized in cross-cultural relations challenges, and international marketing. He is an author of the book “The International Post-Acquisition Management” which includes 16 case studies on international management changes and integration in selected companies in various industries. He was university professor of international business and marketing at the Higher Colleges of Technology in Dubai from 2015 until 2021.  Previously he was a lecturer in various universities in South Eastern Europe. He held international seminars/conference speeches on cross-cultural management, marketing management, international acquisitions, international trade, export management, and management in tourism. He has been an international consultant for the International Trade Center (Geneva), export promotion agency of the United Nations and World Trade Organization. Dr. Perovic also worked for the United Nations Development Programme as the Programme Manager for Low Carbon Tourism in Montenegro. He was the Director of Export for the largest national beverage producer and the largest national exporter for more than seven years. His areas of expertise include intercultural communication, integration management, sales & marketing integration, cultural changes, international trade, business coaching, sustainable tourism. He has conducted research in various industries, such as food industry, wine industry, beer industry, pharmaceutical industry, glass containers production, packaging, telecommunications, tourism.

He earned a Ph.D. in Economics (International Management and Marketing focus) from the University of Montenegro, and MBA in International Business from Brandeis University, as a Fellow of the US State Department. Nikola also earned a master’s degree in Economics from the Faculty of Economics in Podgorica, and BSc in Marketing from University of Belgrade.

Dr. Nikola is founder of companies in the UAE, Perovic brothers-Smart Education Europe Consult, and in the UK, SEEurope Consult Ltd.

Languages: English, Serbo-Croatian
Located in: Montenegro and UAE
Time Zone: CET (UTC+1)
Website: https://www.seeuropeconsult.solutions

Aleksandra Darul-Hagemeister Independent consultant, Trainer and University Lecturer Read More

Aleksandra Darul-Hagemeister

Independent consultant, Trainer and University Lecturer

As an independent consultant, trainer and university lecturer Aleksandra facilitates development of global and diverse teams, inclusive leadership, transformation processes for creation of inclusive work cultures as well as personal development and change. The focus of her work is the question of how organizations, teams and individuals can truly benefit from diverse talents and perspectives in the age of digital transformation.

She has extensive professional expertise in project-oriented work in multicultural, cross-functional and remote teams, which she gained in her work as a consultant and project manager in multinational companies. Due to her practical experience she is familiar with different business cultures ranging from large corporations to small start ups as well as various industries: internet business, financial services, management consulting, logistics & e-commerce and tourism. Her work is also science-based due to her research on international business development and multicultural project teams.

Aleksandra holds an MBA for the University of Bath, UK and a Master degree in Organizational & Work Psychology from the University of Wuppertal, Germany. She is also a Certified Facilitator of Diversity & Inclusion at the workplace and a Cultural Intelligence Trainer.

Aleksandra was born in Gdańsk, Poland and since 2000 she has been living and working in Germany.

Languages: German, English, Polish
Located in: Berlin, Germany
Time Zone: EST

Carolina Cortés Sotomayor Intercultural Coach, Global Talent Management Professional Read More

Carolina Cortés Sotomayor

Intercultural Coach, Global Talent Management Professional

Carolina is a subject matter expert in establishing and executing organizational and cultural strategies within multinational companies. In partnership with firms as Mckinsey, Korn Ferry, Great Place to Work, and Success Factor (SAP HCM), Carolina has led a variety of projects in talent development, performance management, leadership training, diversity and inclusion, and multicultural awareness. Her international background includes cross-cultural projects across the US, South and Central America, Asia, and Europe. Her experience in industries such as IT, Marketing, Retail and Construction provides her with a unique set of skills that allows her to generate real connections with audiences from different backgrounds and create solutions tailored to the business and human capital needs. She is Global Dexterity certificated trainer, and holds a B.A. in Organizational Psychology from the Universidad Católica de Chile and an MBA from the University of Barcelona, Spain. Carolina is a board member of Prospanica Austin, a Nonprofit dedicated to the professional development of Hispanics in the U.S., and a Cónsul of Internations, an organization that provides a platform for international professionals to connect around the world.

Languages: Spanish, English
Located in: USA
Time Zone: Central Time Zone UTC -5 hours (UTC-5)
Website: https://www.carolinacortess.com/

Melissa Hahn Intercultural Trainer Read More

Melissa Hahn

Intercultural Trainer

Melissa Hahn helps people be their best selves while living and working across cultures. As someone who has moved between U.S. regions, lived abroad, repatriated, and built a life with someone from a different culture, she appreciates the vital importance of developing intercultural competence while maintaining one’s sense of self. Her recent projects include training European executives at multinational companies on how to work with their U.S. team members, advising a major university hospital about how to interact more effectively with their global patients, guest speaking on university panels about global work, writing articles about culture and global business, and collaborating on projects with colleagues in the intercultural field. In addition to the Global Dexterity Certification, she has an M.A. in Intercultural Relations from University of the Pacific and a B.A. in Russian Area Studies from St. Olaf College.

Languages: English
Located in: USA
Time Zone: Pacific Time Zone (UTC-8)
Website: www.hahncultural.com

Anne Thomas Intercultural Certified Coach and Trainer & Certified Global Dexterity Trainer Read More

Anne Thomas

Intercultural Certified Coach and Trainer & Certified Global Dexterity Trainer

People are different. Cultures are different. Knowing about different cultures is not the same as working within and across different cultures. Anne’s mission is to guide you to discovering similarities and welcoming differences for effective one-on-one and group communication in a multicultural environment. Whether you’re leading a team, working on a team, or supporting clients of any sort Anne can impart the tools and techniques necessary to increase intercultural adaptation and effective communications. Her goal is to have everyone “living interculturality differently.”

Anne’s cross-cultural, international background and extensive coaching and training experience enable her to provide the resources for authentic and successful adaptation to intercultural groups of any size.

Languages: French and English
Located in: France
Time Zone: CET (UTC+1)
Website: https://ates-formationcoaching.com/

Dr. Rajesh Kumar Global Negotiation Trainer Read More

Dr. Rajesh Kumar

Global Negotiation Trainer

Dr Kumar is an expert in International Business Strategy and Cross-Cultural Management. Originally from India, Dr Kumar has lived in the United States, U.K., Denmark, France, Finland, Netherlands, and New Zealand. He has developed a deep appreciation and awareness of the importance of the cross-cultural dimension and how it impacts strategy implementation. He has a Ph.D., degree in International Business from New York University, an MBA from Rutgers University, and a Master’s degree in Economics from the University of Delhi. He has published numerous research papers in academic journals and is the coauthor of a book on Doing Business in India which was published by Macmillan in 2005 and in 2019 coedited a book on India with colleagues in the United Kingdom and the United States. In 2020 Dr Kumar got certified as a Global Dexterity trainer in a program for certification that was launched by Professor Andrew Molinsky from Brandeis University.


Consider the fog that emerges when you negotiate with a potential business partner who has a considerably different view of what negotiation is and how to approach the negotiation. This situation has the potential of creating conflict and impasse with neither party realizing why this has occurred or how best to navigate the situation. Rajesh is a certified trainer and an academic specializing in cross cultural negotiations. Drawing upon the latest advances in negotiation practice and supplementing it with my own experience I help individuals and companies navigate the ambiguity inherent in these negotiations and provide a roadmap for improving their negotiating skills.

TYPICAL CLIENTS: Companies seeking to negotiate business deals with partners coming from a different cultural background.

Languages: English
Located in: USA
Time Zone: EST (UTC-5)
Website: www.globalstrategicadvisory.com

Kinga Białek Cross-Cultural Psychologist and Trainer Read More

Kinga Białek

Cross-Cultural Psychologist and Trainer

Kinga is a cross-cultural psychologist and trainer. She is experienced in training and consulting services for the development of cross-cultural and interpersonal competence. Her professional interests are focused on cross-cultural differences and intercultural relations. Since October 2000 Kinga has been supporting people in their cross-cultural transition and in international cooperation. She specialises in building the dialogue between people with different cultural backgrounds (between global business professionals and global project managers), in strengthening the capacities of migrating people (expats, migrants, refugees and repatriates) and in aligning organizational culture and local policy in terms of cultural diversity. She has over 20 years of experience in training and consulting for and with people with different ethnic backgrounds from around the world.

Kinga holds MA in Cross-Cultural Psychology and MA in Political Science with a specialization in Intercultural Management. She graduated from intensive, one-year School of Psychological Training and Workshop “Intra” with a certificate granted by Polish Psychological Association. She also graduated from the Academy of Non-Violent Communication and was granted a certificate of NVC practitioner. Recently, she has been certified by The Global Dexterity Method, becoming one of the first two trainers graduating from The Global Dexterity Train the Trainer Program. Kinga is the co-author of the first in Polish language training manual for intercultural trainers. She is also co-author and managing editor of the first psychological guidebook for Polish migrants returning to Poland. Her works have been recommended by Polish Ministry of Education for teachers working with multicultural classes.

Kinga provides her training services for business, public, academic and non-profit sector. She has worked mostly in Europe, for various organizations and institutions. Among her clients are global business managers, international projects managers, civil servants, academic teachers, border guards, medicine doctors, local authorities, social workers, non-governmental organizations staff, ethnic minority leaders.

Languages: Polish, English
Located in: Warsaw, Poland
Time Zone: CET (UTC+1)
Website: https://kingabialek.com/

Minna Franck Intercultural coach and trainer Read More

Minna Franck

Intercultural coach and trainer

Minna helps international talents to thrive in their lives abroad. She does this through one-on-one coaching and through corporate training. Her coaching programs include transition and career coaching. Corporate training programs normally focus on different aspects of intercultural communication and they are strongly focused on developing the practical skills of the participants. Additionally, she specializes in helping particularly those who want to or have moved to Finland. On that topic, she has developed a library of self-guided online courses.

Minna has been interested in different cultures all her adult life. She holds an MA in East Asian Studies and a Ph.D. in Archaeology. She’s a Results-Trained Coach and a Certified Global Dexterity Trainer. She has extensive experience in international recruitment and onboarding in Finland. She has lived in shorter and longer periods in different countries including the US, China, and Germany. She’s currently living outside her native Finland in Tallinn, Estonia.

Minna’s coaching clients are usually trailing spouses who need help with transition and career-related goals. She provides training services for a variety of sectors including private and the public sector.

Languages: English and FInnish
Located in: Estonia and Finland
Time Zone: EET/UTC +2
Website: www.finnwards.com

Shira Tabachnikoff Deputy Head of Communications, ITER Read More

Shira Tabachnikoff

Deputy Head of Communications, ITER

Shira Tabachnikoff has both American and Dutch nationalities and has lived and worked in the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Italy and France. She has given workshops on communications all over the globe, including trainings on risk and crisis communications related to food safety, science communications, media trainings and presentation trainings. She joined ITER in February 2018 in the Cabinet of the Director General of ITER.

For ITER and other clients Shira gives trainings and workshops on Intercultural Awareness and communication. In her interactive and lively trainings, she focuses on unconscious bias, cultural dimensions and codes, and overcoming psychological barriers through personal reflection, analysis and exercises, including group work and role-play. She is a certified Global Dexterity Method (trained by the author Andy Molinsky) trainer and facilitator.

Shira has a strong background in international organizations, in both the public and private sector. Prior to ITER she was the International Cooperation Advisor at the EU agency, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) in Parma, Italy. Previously she was the Head of Communications at the European Science Foundation (ESF) in Strasbourg, France, which managed cross-border research programmes. Before ESF, Shira was the Director of Corporate Relations for Elsevier, the market-leading science publisher, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She also has 10 years of Public Relations agency experience, specializing in Reputation Management, Crisis Management and Corporate Communications for international Public Relations agencies, such as Edelman and Burson-Marsteller.

Languages: English and French
Located in: France
Time Zone: CET (UTC+1)
Website: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shira-tabachnikoff-675a003/

Aleksandra Biernacka Anthropologist, manager and cross-cultural trainer Read More

Aleksandra Biernacka

Anthropologist, manager and cross-cultural trainer

Aleksandra’s passion for in-depth dives into different cultures fueled her academic, professional and private journeys. She researched the Israeli Arab Bedouin women entrepreneurs while immersing herself into the Jewish Israeli reality. She applies her experience at her manager’s role in a global, internationalized HR company, successfully leading culturally diversed teams and international projects. Her cross-cultural skills and knowledge, combined with entrepreneurship and business expertise allows her to guide and train others to be efficient and successful in their professional as well as private cross-cultural encounters.

Aleksandra holds an MA from Cracow University of Economics in the field of International Relations and MA from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in the field of Desert Studies, specializing in economic and cultural anthropology. She is a certified trainer in Global Dexterity method, which she is using to empower others in cross-cultural fluency within their professional settings. Aleksandra also graduated from Cross-Cultural Mediation course at the Polish Institute of Public Affairs.

Apart from multinational, corporate teams working for global clients, Aleksandra has shared her cross-cultural expertise with various Non-Governmental Organizations, supporting participants of international, social projects as well as private travellers and expats, enhancing their adaptation experiences.

Languages: Polish, English
Located in: Gdańsk, Poland
Time zone: CET
Website: https://www.linkedin.com/in/aleksandra-biernacka-715262132/

Taj Suleyman Intercultural mediator and trainer Read More

Taj Suleyman

Intercultural mediator and trainer

Taj Suleyman is a global nomad and Third Culture Kid/person (TCK). His international personal upbringing began molding his intercultural awareness of how to navigate intercultural differences from the time he was a child. Taj was born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon by a Sudanese father and a Saudi Arabian mother.

As a scholar-practitioner, Taj focuses on intercultural and social justice theoretical frameworks which are employed to better understand negotiation processes among different cultures. As an Intercultural Mediator, Taj serves as a consultant with national and international government and non-government organizations. His work with multiple agencies has supported facilitators in improving training models to meet the needs of various communities and to build relationships among different stakeholders.

Taj holds a MA in Intercultural Relations from the University of the Pacific in Stockton, CA in conjunction with the Intercultural Communication Institute in Portland, Oregon.

Throughout his 18-year career working in diverse roles with various organizations, he has assisted and empowered the integration of refugees, immigrants, and individuals who experience disabilities into U.S. society. As a volunteer, Taj has served on the national disasters’ response team with the American Red Cross.

Inna Tuka Cultural Competency Trainer and Coach Read More

Inna Tuka

Cultural Competency Trainer and Coach

Inna is a training and development professional with 20+ years of experience in learning programs design and delivery.

In 2010, Inna moved to Canada from Ukraine and founded Quiet Tenacity, a consulting agency helping internationally educated professionals to adapt and build a strong personal and professional brand on the North American Cultural Landscape.

Since coming to Canada, Inna has helped hundreds of immigrants gain their voice back and has been successful in encouraging them to stop feeling “foreign” in a foreign culture.

Inna is an award-winning speaker and facilitator, community contributor and volunteer. She is a Certified Change Agent (CCA), Digital Events Strategist (DES) and multilingual speaker.

Inna also works as Lead, Learning and Programing at Human Resources Professionals Association, the largest HR Association in Canada, and regulatory HR Association in Ontario.

Besides work, Inna always makes time to practice Shinrin Yoku and read new and thought provoking books.

Languages: English, Ukrainian, German, Russian
Located in: Toronto, Canada
Time Zone: ET
Website: www.quiettenacity.com

Natalie McVeigh Intercultural Trainer, Coach and Mediator   Read More

Natalie McVeigh

Intercultural Trainer, Coach and Mediator


Natalie McVeigh is a Third Culture Kid/person (TCK), having grown up in a military family enabling her early on to create intercultural awareness and understand first-hand how to navigate intercultural differences. Natalie uses this awareness of culture as one of the important diversity facets to consider when thinking of organization and individual health.

Natalie is an executive and entrepreneurial coach and a practitioner of neuroscience, specializing in Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ). In addition to the Global Dexterity Certification she holds several certifications in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. Natalie has expertise in complex conflict resolution, with a certificate in mediation, specializing in interest based negotiation trained at Harvard Law School’s Program on Negotiation. She has specialized experience in building and developing cohesive teams through utilizing assessments and creating training curricula. Natalie has a Masters in Business from the New England College of Business and Bachelors degrees in Philosophy and Law and Society from Hood College.

Languages: English, Italian and Spanish (conversational)
Located in: New York, USA
Time Zone: EST
Website: www.eisneramper.com/natalie-mcveigh/

Jessica Gerard, Ph.D. Intercultural Communication Coach, English Language Instructor Read More

Jessica Gerard, Ph.D.

Intercultural Communication Coach, English Language Instructor

Jessica Gerard has a doctorate in English Language and Linguistics from the University of Arizona and has directed international academic programs and taught culture and linguistics courses at Columbia, Harvard, Stanford, Arizona, and Case Western Reserve universities.

Dr. Gerard is the founder of J. Gerard Consulting in Silicon Valley, which provides corporate English language training and intercultural communication workshops. Her offerings also include diversity, equity, and inclusion training for internationals in the US and special programs for women and families of relocated employees.

Dr. Gerard specializes in Israeli and East Asian cultures.
Languages: Hebrew and Spanish

Website: jgerardconsulting.com